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Among people everywhere there is increasing concern about the quality and safety of our food as well as concern about harm to the environment from ill-conceived agricultural activity. Tilth's mission is to promote environmentally sound and sustainable agriculture. We are devoted to learning about and promoting ways in which to raise food, ornamentals, other farm crops and farm animals without damage to the environment.

In The News ...

Fair Time - Steward Duties

2018 WIFair Flier

The Agriculture Department could use your help as a steward for the Whidbey Island Area Fair. South Whidbey Tilth, Whidbees and Deer Lagoon Grange are managing it again. Help is needed as a steward, most shifts are three hours. Take this Doodle Poll to sign up for a shift. Add comments as needed or contact Prescott with questions. The Steward keeps an eye on the exhibits, chats with visitors, helps children stamp their Passport cards, encourages voting for the People’s Choice awards of the Critter Creations and answers questions about the exhibits (you’ll get oriented about those when you arrive).

Folk and Nature Tunes plus Soap Bar Making at the July 22 Market

Audri Cooke

DJ Shanti starts the market out with a set of tunes in the folk genre. At 12:30 young Audri Cooke takes the stage. She has been writing and singing her own songs since she was 10 years old, inspired by the natural beauty of Whidbey Island and the creatures that live on and around it. She hopes to inspire others with her music to help preserve that beauty and find ways to help endangered animals from the Salish Sea to Yellowstone.

Soap bar felting

Joanne Martinis of Windy Hill Farm is teaching her free soap bar felting class for kids at noon.

Munch on peas and berries and shop for lettuce, onions, celery, salad mix, and more. Blackberry Moon Farm has cherries, blueberries, strawberries, vegetables, pastured pork and local cheese. Pick up a jar of their delicious low sugar jam. FMNP and SNAP customers welcome. SNAP folk get double value. Concessions and crafts can be found. Free WiFi, children's play area, picnicking and more. See other details on the market page.

Help Design the Permaculture Garden

Join us to work on the food forest on Thursdays at 10 a.m. See the garden page.

Council of Trustees Next Meeting July 19

Join us at our next business meeting Thursday, July 19 on the South Whidbey Tilth Campus.The meeting time is at 6 p.m. All are welcome to participate and ask questions, contact the President for information about the location or leave a message at 360-321-0757.

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Vounteer hours

South Whidbey Tilth depends on its volunteers. Please download a volunteer form as a pdf file. Keep track of your time all year. Mail to South Whidbey Tilth or email to the Treasurer.

Our Organization

Enjoy the Sustainability Campus

The South Whidbey Tilth 11-acre Sustainability Campus provides a unique, leisurely ambience and focus for learning. The campus is open for walking, and you can view our ongoing projects: demonstration field crops, community garden and orchard, forest trail and understory recovery project, native plant salvage beds operated by Native Plant Stewards, the highway vegetation management model, and bluebird nesting boxes established by Coupeville fifth-graders. Dog walkers, please usethe poop bags behind the restroom where the directional signs are. Use the trash can there.


Volunteer Opportunities

South Whidbey Tilth has opportunities for you to help with classes, farmers' market, community gardens, facilities maintenance and improvements and forest restoration projects.


Tilth History

On August 27, 1977, more than 70 people gathered at Pragtree Farm near Arlington, WA, to develop strategies for the sustainable agriculture movement in the Pacific Northwest. Known as the "Regional Planning Meeting," the gathering established the framework for the Tilth Association.


Recently the Berry Center in Kentucky posted a video of Wendell Berry's July 1, 1974 speech in Spokane. Wendell's insights are as powerful today as they were forty years ago. The full transcript of his speech is available on the Tilth Producers website.


The meeting at Pragtree Farm laid the foundation for organizing local Tilth chapters. The next spring the first chapters were formed in Seattle and in Southwest Washington, followed by Willamette Valley Tilth and Rogue Tilth in Oregon. By the summer of 1982 there were 15 Tilth chapters in California, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington, with an estimated combined membership of 2,000.  At the Regional Planning Meeting three years later Anthony Judge's ideas were incorporated into Tilth's strategy of organizing autonomous local chapters empowered to respond to the needs of their communities. Over the past three decades the Tilth movement has ebbed and flowed, with the central organization dissolving into statewide organizations in Oregon and Washington, and local chapters forming and fading away. Because of its decentralized, ecological strategy, however, Tilth has continued to adapt, survive, and thrive. Today Tilth is experiencing a resurgence parallel to the growth of the organic food and farming nationwide. The complete story by one of the founders, Mark Musick is on the Washington Tilth website select History.


All the Tilth organizations celebrated the 40th anniversary at the Tilth Producers Conference in November 2014. Mary Berry, Wendell’s daughter, was a keynote speaker.


See our chapters at:

Oregon Tilth www.tilth.org

Tilth Alliance www.seattletilth.org

Sno-Valley Tilth www.snovalleytilth.org

Vashon Island Growers Association www.vigavashon.org


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