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Calendar of Events

  • May 19 - Swarm Against Monsanto/Bayer Saturday, meet at Noon at Bayview Park & Ride at 11 to prepare for a noon display
  • May 20 - Bee Teach-in Sunday, 11 to 2 at the market
  • May 20 - Danny Ward performs on saxophone, Sunday, 11 to 2 at the Tilth Farmers' Market
  • May 22 - Garden Discussion Group Tuesday at 6 p.m. in the Old Bayview School classroom
  • May 27 - The Muse and Eye, Sunday, 11 to 2, Sarah Primrose and Russell Clepper perform at the Tilth Farmers' Market
  • June 3 - Talia Marcus performs Sunday 11 to 2 at Tilth Farmers' Market; the Buzzmobile features espresso
  • June 3 - Hot Compost Class Sunday, at 2:15 p.m. Sunday, more information contact Angie
  • June 10 - Woody Virgil performs Sunday, 11 to 2 at the Tilth Farmers' Market
  • June 17 - Grant Fairbrother performs Sunday, to 2 at Tilth's Farmers' Market
  • June 19 - Celebrate South Whidbey Tilth's 36th Birthday! Tuesday after the 6 p.m. business meeting. Come for cake about 7:45 or join us for the meeting on the Tilth campus
  • June 24 - South Whidbey Acoustic Music Festival all day, Sunday during Tilth's Farmers' Market, regular hours are extended

BUSINESS MEETINGS - The regular business meetings of the South Whidbey Tilth Council of Trustees are 6 p.m. on a Thursday. An exception is our birthday celebration on Tuesday, June 19. Starting May 17, through the summer, meetings are at South Whidbey Tilth, 2812 Thompson Road, Langley. Every member of Tilth is encouraged to participate. To place agenda items call President Prescott at 360-682-8642 or email.