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About South Whidbey Tilth

Our local chapter was founded in 1982 on the mostly rural south end of Whidbey Island. South Whidbey Tilth is a nonprofit corporation whose gardeners and farmers raise crops in the Maritime Northwest cool, wet weather conditions, which often require special measures for success.

Our activities include bimonthly member newsletters and business meetings; at least four public educational programs a year; a tour of member's gardens each July; educational booths at public activities like the Whidbey Island Area Fair; ongoing hands-on learning experiences at our developing sustainable agriculture center; and a series of Tilth sponsored gardening classes each winter.

Tilth Land Project

On April 21, 2000, South Whidbey Tilth purchased 11 acres of land at Thompson Road and State Route 525. It is the home of the relocated Tilth Farmers' Market and Sustainable Agriculture Center. It includes a farmers market area, a native plant restoration area, community gardens, and demonstration forest and farming projects. The mortgage was paid off early by December 2020 with a successful fundraisng drive.

2018 Survey Results and Action Plan

Late this fall the Tilth Council sent around a survey and received 31 responses. On December 8 we held a retreat facilitated by Carol Squire. Please look over the attahed ideas and help us make them happen. Download the survey and actions here.

2021 Planning Goals

The Tilth Council of Trustees held a planning meeting on December 3, 2020 to assess progress on it's operations. Priorities include completion of the farm stand, clean up and repair the campus facilities, upgrade the commissary kitchen, complete the new website. See more details on the project list and read the December 3, 2020 minutes below, Planning notes for 2021.

Gardening and Education

Whether you own a commercial farm or a small backyard garden plot, the question that drives the Tilth association is, "How to grow the healthiest food with the least harm to the environment, and at the fairest rate of return for both producers and consumers.

What's the Harm in Genetically Modified Foods? by Lori B. Taylor, G.I. Nutritionist; presented at the South Whidbey Tilth annual meeting, January 17, 2015. Available as a Powerpoint or movie file.


We are a nonprofit organization and operate under a set of bylaws (Click here to see South Whidbey Tilth Bylaws), and have regular business meetings to set the focus for our mostly volunteer workforce and explore how to further our mission to promote biological and equitable agriculture. To review our meeting minutes, please click on the date of interest: